Gender Guesser

Spreadsheet tool, for excel, csv, txt, ods files

Gender guesser's file parser can process data in a Excel, OpenDocument, Text or CSV document. Easily upload your spreadsheet file and take advantage of all the features of our name verification AI to determine the gender of names.

How to use the spreadshett tool

  1. 1. Upload your spreadsheet

    You should submit documents in one of the specified formats: Excel files (with .xls or .xlsx extensions), CSV files (with .csv extension), plain text files (with .txt extension), or OpenDocument Spreadsheet files (with .ods extension). For enhanced compatibility and reliability, we suggest opting for either the Excel (.xls, .xlsx) or CSV (.csv) file formats.

  2. 2. Choose the feature you want to use

    Please select the data processing method you'd like to use. You'll find the necessary input and output parameters listed for each taxonomy. It's important to note that the chosen data processing method will apply uniformly to all the files you upload.

  3. 3. Prepare the file to process

    During this phase, you have the option to specify the columns containing your data. You can decide whether to retain all columns or filter for those containing pertinent information. If needed, you can also personalize the document's header. In the case of CSV and TXT files, you have the additional flexibility to tailor the file parsing by selecting the column delimiter.

  4. 4. Check your data

    Verify the accuracy of the configurations established in step 3 before proceeding to the subsequent stage.

  5. 5. Verify your credit balance

    Review the credit expenditure associated with file processing, along with your current balance. If you lack sufficient credits, you'll have the option to purchase more or utilize your remaining credits to process files within that limit. Our tool employs intelligent processing and won't bill you for analyzing the same data up to 20 times.

  6. 6. Download your enriched file

    Once the deep scan is completed, you are free to download your enriched file.

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