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Gender Guesser is a artificial intelligence using the morphology of names to guess the gender of a name.

Gender Guesser has the most advanced tool, to determine the gender of a name, on the market, with 99.99% name availability, over 9 billion names processed, 22 alphabets* supported and a contribution to 287 scientific and academic research.

Gender Guesser customers
Gender Guesser customers

Gender guesser's features

Determine a name's gender effortlessly with our advanced prediction tool. Whether it's a first name or a full name, our features adapt to your specific needs. Enter a surname in addition to the first name so that our gender prediction tool can take into account the local context and provide you with the most accurate prediction possible. To further enhance accuracy of the guessed gender, specify a country of residence or origin.

As gender estimation is never absolute, our gender classification is based on a probability score, which allows us to guess feminine, masculine and gender-neutral names, as well as to gauge the gender distribution of certain first names.

In addition to processing names in more than 22 alphabets*, you will have tools suitable for determining the gender of Chinese and Japanese names.

Guess the gender of a name

Processing Excel files and other spreadsheets

Enrich your name lists with gender data using our advanced file processing tool. Designed for ease of use, our gender determination tool supports Excel, OpenDocument, CSV, and TXT files, all available online. Upload your file directly, choose the feature best suited to your needs and our artificial intelligence will enrich your file with the requested data, such as gender and the probability of the estimate being correct.

At Gender Guesser, we prioritize data privacy. Benefit from options like name anonymization and non-learnable settings to ensure your data remains confidential.

Experience our tool with a free plan, allowing gender determination for up to 500 names monthly. Try it out now!

Process a file

An API to guess the gender

Integrate gender prediction into your projects with our detailed API documentation. Our API can be easily integrated into every existing platform in any language. Take a look at some coding examples. Our guide comes packed with integration examples for Python, Shell, Java, JavaScript, and Golang.

Leverage a range of features: enhance gender prediction accuracy by specifying a country of residence or origin, ensure data privacy by anonymizing names, manage your user account, and explore other powerful capabilities. Dive into our gender prediction API to get started.

API documentation

Developer tools

Download and utilize our SDKs (Software Development Kits) and CLI (Command Line Interface) tools to integrate functionality to guess the gender of names in your applications. We offer SDKs for Python, Golang, JavaScript, and Java, as well as CLI tools for Java, Python, and Golang.

All tools are directly available from our website. For a smooth integration process, explore our extensive documentation which provides detailed installation and user guides.

Developer tools

About Gender Guesser

At Gender Guesser, we've pioneered the art of name-based gender estimation. Leveraging state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and a rich database spanning 22 alphabets, we've transformed the way names are analyzed for gender. Our tool is renowned for its unparalleled accuracy in onomastics, having processed over 8.8 billion names globally.

While many tools may rely solely on static databases, Gender Guesser uniquely considers local, regional, and community contexts, ensuring each name's gender is identified with precision.

Our commitment doesn't stop at technology; in partnership with @GenderGapGrader, we champion the cause of diversity and stand against gender discrimination.

Choose Gender Guesser: the epitome of excellence in gender estimation.

About gender Guesser

Gender Guesser by Namsor

Namsor, our esteemed technology partner, powers the name-checking prowess behind Gender Guesser. Utilizing cutting-edge artificial intelligence, Namsor analyzes billions of personal names, classifying them by gender, ethnicity, and country of origin.

Their innovative approach transcends traditional database searches, delving deep into the morphology of names to deliver unparalleled accuracy. With over a decade of refinement, fueled by collaborations with global institutions like Harvard, Berkeley, and the European Commission, Namsor's verification technology is universally recognized as top-tier.

Together with Namsor, Gender Guesser ensures that every name's gender estimation is precise, comprehensive, and culturally informed.

Namsor, name checker
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