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Gender guesser tools and features for guess the gender of a name.

Gender Guesser, guess the gender of a name

Gender Guesser is a artificial intelligence using the morphology of names to guess the gender of a name.

Gender Guesser has the most advanced tool, to determine the gender of a name, on the market, with 99.99% name availability, over 7 billion names processed, 22 alphabets* supported and a contribution to 287 scientific and academic research.

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Gender Guesser customersGender Guesser customers
Exemple of Gender Guesser's features.

Gender guesser's features

We can help you determine the gender of a first of full name. Our many enriched features will adapt to your needs. You could, for example, associate a name with a country of residence in order to increase the precision of the guessed gender.
In addition to processing names in more than 22 alphabets*, you will have tools suitable for determining the gender of Chinese and Japanese names. The gender classification is based on a probability score, thus making it possible to guess female and male names as well as gender neutral names.

Test the gender of a name
File processed by Gender Guesser's tool

Processing Excel files and other spreadsheets

Thanks to our file processing tool, you can enrich your lists of names with their gender as information. Easy to use, our genre determination tool for Excel, OpenDocument, CSV and TXT files is accessible directly online.
At gender guesser, respecting the privacy of data is essential, which is why the anonymization of names and the non-learnable options are available to you.
A free plan will allow you to determine the gender of 500 names per month.

Process a file
Gender Guesser API code sample.

API documentation

API documentation will allow you to guess the gender of a name in all your projects. Our API documentation is enriched with examples of integration with Python, Shell, Java, JavaScript and Golang.
Many features and options are available to you: use a country of residence to increase the precision of the determined gender, anonymize names, manage your customer account and much more.

API documentation
List of some Gender Guesser SDK tools

Developer tools

Download and use one of our SDK and CLI to enjoy some of guess the gender most popular endpoints.
Software development kits for Python, Golang, JavaScript and Java as well as command line tools for Java, Python and Golang are accessible directly from our website. We maintain extensive documentation with installation and user guides.

Developer tools
Use case of gender classification

About Gender Guesser

To guess the gender of a name, we use artificial intelligence that is based on the morphology of the names. We thus achieve results of unparalleled precision.
Our gender taxonomy takes into account the masculine, feminine and gender neutral names via a probability system.
We value diversity. We collaborate with a large number of prestigious organizations, academies and companies to work for a more inclusive world. We all have biases, algorithms too. Our tool is the solution to identify and correct them.


Gender Guesser by Namsor

Gender Guesser is a Namsor Group website. Benefit from all the functionalities of the Namsor name classification tool with a single account that can be used on all of our websites.
Namsor has developed a name checking technology, able to create comprehensive analysis through multiple processing. Namsor software can classify names by gender, country of origin, ethnicity and even by diaspora.

Namsor, name checker