Gender Guesser
Gender guesser tools and features for guess the gender of a name.

Gender Guesser and our gender classification

Gender guesser, powered by Namsor name verification technology, is able to create gender classification from a list of names through multiple processing. Our software can classify names by gender, country of origin, ethnicity and even by diaspora. Our software supports many alphabets* and is able to process full names, first names and last names.

A gender determination based on artificial intelligence

Our artificial intelligence not only compares names from international databases but uses the morphology of names to estimate their origins. It is thanks to this technology that we can guess the gender of a first name, the gender of a nickname and the origin of a full name. Finally we can estimate the gender of a name in more than 22 different alphabets*.

Robot next to a computer classifying data on the gender of names.

The most complete gender classification in the world

The gender of a name is determined thanks to our artificial intelligence :

  • enriched by one of the most complete databases in the world ;
  • refined during numerous partnerships and research with universities (Harvard, Berkeley, HEC, ... ), scientific groups (The Lancet, Elsevier, ...), governmental and international institution (IOM, ONU, European Commission ...) and linguists, anthropologist and historians ;
  • reinforced by more than 7 billion names processed.
Gender symbol with male, female and unisex
by Gender*3
Localisation symbol
by Region*12
Japan country
by Country*249
Ethnic symbol
by Ethnicity*142
Latin and Kanji alphabets
by Alphabet*22
Group of people from diverse backgrounds and gender talking

We value diversity

Gender Guesser unlocks the value of diversity. We support public and private Diaspora marketing and engagement programs, for human development and economic growth.
We support @GenderGapGrade with our gender diversity analytics.
Combined with bio-cultural diversity metrics, NamSor helps reduce organizations ethical and reputational risks. We can help measure gender, racial or ethnic biases in any funnel-based or selective process that uses machine learning or AI (such as: recruitment, credit allocation, KYC or anti-fraud).

Presentation of Gender Guesser functionalities

Extensive functionalities

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Powered by Namsor name checker technology

Namsor™ software classifies personal names accurately by gender, country of origin, or ethnicity.
Our mission is to make sense of the Big Data and help understand international flows of money, ideas and people. Our specialized data mining software recognizes the linguistic or cultural origin of personal names in any alphabet / language, with fine grain and high accuracy. Names are meaningful : we use sociolinguistics to extract their semantics and deliver actionable intelligence.
We apply this innovative technology to support our clients in their development : countries, regions, private companies, projects, in all sectors of activity. NamSor API Key unlocks the value of diversity. We support public and private Diaspora marketing and engagement programs, for human development and economic growth.